A New Look

I have had a chance to reflect on how I have been providing some pretty dreary writing sprinkled with some life altering epiphany that has brought me closer to my understanding of love, and how to get the most out of my marriage even after everything. I don’t want to have this negative vibe held over my page when my intention is to share my life with those who care to listen and start some dialog between others who have had similar things happen or who just want to chime in. I truly think that conversation is what truly broadens our thoughts by sharing our experiences. I am not writing for sympathy or anything. Being away for so long, I realize I will start a few different things.

I want to continue giving you guys an update on my experiences and how my marriage progressively gets better or worse. I do believe that this type of writing is beneficial to myself as well as those who are out there having the same problems or concerns in there marriage. Alternately, I want to start writing a few different stories. One being about a student who starts attending a high school for those with musical talents. Within that story I will be introducing characters with specific archetypes. In the end, graduation will open another door that introduces college and industry. I will use the artist who are not as known as my musical inspiration and characters for my story. It will be an ongoing thing but if done correctly, the artist from soundcloud will be put out there for better exposure and I would also love to put a few drawings to this to ultimately make a webcomic as well.

The other story I want to start writing will be a little more serious. I will use what I know and what I have gone through to write about a relationship between a newly married couple going through the struggle of getting through life’s challenges. This will range from work, ethnic differences, family acceptance, sex, fighting temptation, lies and secrets.

I just have so much going on in my head that I have to have an outlet and this blog is where I do all this at. So stay tune for the next update. I appreciate your patience.






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