How would You Feel…

Lets put this in perspective, talking directly to my wife and woman who have put there man in situations like the one I am in. Would you understand my deception if I went out and did something stupid that could ultimately jeopardize everything that we represent and worked so hard for? I think about it all the time. How it’s justified and it could be my revenge for the pain that I felt and am still feeling. Honestly what will the results of it truly be?

The results would be more devastating then anything. We are already working on the trust issue that we both obviously have but doing that would always be in the back of my head, and I would walk around thinking everything thing she does is because she might of found another, again. I would be paranoid and it would push her further from me into another man’s arm killing our relationship even sooner.

How the damage it would do to myself? I have this image of what type of husband I want to be. In my head I see this devoted man, gracious lover, and loyal friend. All that would be forever wiped out completely. I would lose the right to say I am a great husband, and father because I couldn’t resist the temptation that I would create out of spite. Out of anger and resentment. I could never look into the mirror again if I do something like that. This is not why I got married.

How would you feel? I don’t even have to answer that question. I know exactly how she would feel? She will feel just like how I feel right now. I don’t wish this pain on anyone at all. The pain in my heart, the countless sleepless nights, the tears that I shed, everything. It is something that I refuse to be the cause of. If you want to learn a lesson, or realize that what you are doing to people is wrong, have the exact thing you heard about happen to you. The one thing you see in movies, or hear on talk shows and laugh because you think how can someone be hurt so much by something like that, once you feel it or have experienced it, trust me you will never want to be a part of someone elses misery.

Just another “food for thought”. If you agree, why not drop by and leave me a message. I write to no only share but to leave open dialog. Let me know your thoughts on this. If you agree or disagree and why.









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