Detach the Phone

I have so many questionable thoughts about how technology makes relationships, both better and more difficult, I do know that I believe in one thing; you have to put the phone down and detach from it all. Actually, I believe that this should extend to all technology. Having your cell phone is great but when I go out and see people out on dates, and each one has there phone out, where is the intimacy? Where is the conversation? I am no exception. My wife, when things seemed perfect, would even do the same thing. It wasn’t that I was boring or anything but her interest was elsewhere. In her games on her phone usually. Seeing this trend and how widespread this goes, makes me concerned for relationships in a whole. I was in Iceland and saw a family of four out having dinner but no one was talking. Every one of them was on the phone, playing a game, surfing the web or talking to someone else out of their immediate family. This is so sad. Even for my situation, I think of it as something I would like to change or completely limit at least.

When I am at home, and with my wife, again this is more directed to when things were right between us, I do wake up, do some chores, workout, and then grab something to eat followed up by maybe some casual gaming. The only reason I can do that is because my wife was either out at work, or sleep. Once she walked into the house, I usually turn the game off, put on some netflix or amazon prime, and we talk about work, we do a little bit of joking and of course watch whatever shows that interest us. Even though I know she can’t turn her phone off due to work, I would love to be the center of her attention sometimes. Even in the middle of the night, if her phone dings, we both have to wake up and see what they need. It is something I truly despise.

Taking a moment to break away from the phone separating the hold our technology has on society, wouldn’t be so bad. We would be able to show our children more attention, give our loved ones more of our love and spend more time loving those who aren’t long for this world. I truly feel like technology has created a gap between us all. Think of each time before you and your spouse got truly serious and comfortable that you spent the entire day in each others presence and was on the phone, sitting in silence. I for one remember when my wife and I were dating, that we spent the entire day, whatever day she had off and I had off, just lying around cuddled up in each others presence. We laid together, loved on one another, laughed, napped, and even just talked to one another all day. No phones, no tv, no clothes, nothing. We only need the comfort of each other. It is one of those things I don’t take lightly. I really miss those times. Even in my head, I know that if I have a child that some of my time and attention will be split between them both but it would still be time I cherish. That is if it isn’t pulled away by technology.


2 thoughts on “Detach the Phone

  1. Bro i totally feel you, when you say “I really miss those times” that is something i also really miss times have truly changed and its difficult to think about what we all use to be like before the vast advancement in technology, granted since me and my wife both game on our phones we still have something we share because we literally play the same games and that sparks conversation simply through the achievements and advancements that we receive and we are excited to actually share them we each other but once again it did not use to be that way. so i understand how you feel fam just ultimately commenting to let you know that you aren’t alone. also it poses a difficult task to actually tell them to get off there phone since they are actually happy and content and we are just “suckas” for seeing them happy, relaxed, and comfortable!

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    1. Yeah I want to say it but it won’t come off in a nice way. It’ll look like I’m barking and that will only cause unnecessary conflict and since you have read these and other blogs you know that conflict in my relationship tends to become a purely one-sided event. I just have to remain positive, open minded and realistic.

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