Looking at the way society has prioritized health and how skinny you have to be, makes me feel like we have lost sight of what beauty truly is. Now don’t get me wrong, I be believe in being healthy, and taking care of one another, but nothing to the exaggerated level that America has started to believe in. Perfection is reachable only once you have learned what it means to love yourself. Looking into a mirror shouldn’t disgust you but show you who you are and hopefully give you a reason to want to reach a reachable goal. I understand that a lot of people, men, woman, children, do believe that they aren’t attractive. Physical attraction is only one part of the equation. My father use to always state that you should always get the total package (T.P.).  The total package shouldn’t be focused on just the physical but the other characteristics that make you who you are. You have to acknowledge your flaws and maybe work on what can actually be worked on. You have been brought into this world with a distinct look. Yes you can lose weight here or there. You can tone your core, or change your hairstyle but the person “You” are is key. You have to be able to make the distinct separation that your physical shouldn’t be what drives your lifestyle. I will be the first to say that the physical isn’t what keeps someone in love with you. They can be in love with the way you look, but to keep them in love with you, it takes more then just that physical aspect. Society has painted such an alluring picture that most people wouldn’t even care about how they come off personally. Living in a world flooded with sexual bias all over the magazines, music videos, and internet, its no wonder that people are starving themselves to look a specific way just to get one more like. Folks killing themselves in the gym just to catch the eye of someone who might overlook them anyway.

If you strive for perfection, you will continue to look at yourself in a negative light. Certain flaws make you unique. Accept those, and make sure that the love that you have for yourself is genuine and you will be able to find someone who will love you for you. You can change everything physically nowadays. You want a D-cup bra, or you want to change your nose, it is all possible. Just make sure you are doing these things for the right reason. I will give you an example. My co-worker is five foot, half white, half Mexican and she is an attractive woman. Her husband has no issue with the way she looks. He loves her as is and wouldn’t change a thing about her and she knows that I from the conversations I have had with her, she loves herself like she should. She doesn’t wear makeup to enhance anything, she does it because she enjoys the process and she knows what she is doing. On top of that she has two beautiful kids, so there is nothing I see wrong if she wants to get her breast done. She explained it to me like this: “My husband loves me for me, and he adores my body as is, and that’s all that truly matters. I just can’t stand the way my boobs look after having two children. I cover up my breast every time I get out the shower or change clothes. I wont even let my husband shower with me because I just don’t like the way they look to me. He reassures me that they are beautiful and they are fine but to me, what I see in the mirror, I can’t stand and want to make a change for the better.” Listening to her, I know that deep down in her heart, she truly doesn’t want to change her breast for attention, or to make him happy. She is doing something to change herself and to come back with a bit more confidence. This is the right reason.

Find the love in for the blessing that is reflected to you in the mirror and I promise you, you will begin loving the life that you have been afforded. You will go through tough times, and people will say this and that. Men and woman will cheat on you but that isn’t necessarily because of what you physically look like. There are so many factors that come when you talking about cheating. Another conversation for another blog. Just respect the woman or man you are, accept the flaws you posses and work on what you can work on, for you. Your perfection is already present.


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