Growing up you probably saw the fairytale endings of movies, relationships, adventures, etc. From the knight saving his beloved to the love story that took so many twist but in the end they ended up happily ever after. Society painted vivid pictures of what the “end state” of every story should look like. Think about it. Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, heck even The Lion King. They all ended with some sort of beautifully crafted conclusion that is fed to children and even some adults. I for one had always been a fan of a huge wedding idea. Not necessarily the wedding idea you think of with a huge crowd and a lively orchestra playing as my bride walks down the isle with her father as he hands her over to me and the crowd is full of crying adults and confused children who all say ew when the preacher finishes everything with, “You may kiss the bride”. That has never been my thing. I am not to big on crowds thanks to my military life, and having a bit of anxiety. My focus is on the reception afterwards.

The reception consist of a toast by your best man and all that goodness that I think a lot of people forget about because they only want to get married, get that over with and party with the family and friends. My thought on it so much more.

After all the wedding vowels have been made and everyone has seen the smooch that seals the deal, we are released for a bit to talk, fellowship, and just relax a bit while others get the dinning all ready for the reception. I run over to my best man to verify that he understands that I will have nothing to do with his big speech. All eyes will be on him and that speech will either make or break the reception for him. Nothing can change the beauty of this day, not even a really underwhelming speech. Before I leave I make sure to snatch the alcohol out his hands so that he can focus on what he has to say. Of course, he just spins around and like magic another one appears in his hands but what can I do.

Time moves quickly as my bride grabs her seat and I do as well. Food has been served to everyone prior to there arrive in there chairs so all they have to do is find there assigned seat and enjoy. In front of the huge table lies a beautifully crafted wooden covered dance for with lights above. Speakers fill the room all over and everyone is anxious for things to start, so that they can conclude. No one wants a wedding to linger on to long, especially the bride and groom. Once everything begins, it’s like a domino affect. The toast, no matter how glamorous or terrible it is, leads into dinner which leads into the final formal event for the night before everyone dances like crazy and we have to get that one uncle off the floor because he has reach a level of unconsciousness that he has started to hit on my bride.

The wedding couple’s dance. (This is where the song above should start playing) The song comes on and my bride places her hands inside mine, my hand pulling her close to my body and her eyes are fixed to mine as the sound surrounds the room and couples all over begin to cuddle up, hold hands and reminisce about there own wedding song and wedding. The bass is leveled out so you can hear the words of the song and we begin moving left and right to the rhythm. To us, we can’t hear or see anyone. The world itself loses all the drama, the hatred and for this 4-5 minute moment, everything is perfect. A piece of heaven seems to have found itself right there on that dance floor. Our eyes peer deep into one another and things get supernatural for us. The floor breaks apart and we both start floating around the beautiful sky, eliminated by the moonlight. The moonlight has a softness to it from the beauty of the clouds that have started dancing around us, helping keep us close to one another. My embrace gets tighter as the bridge of the song comes on and my heart begins racing like back when we first laid eyes on one another. My bride places her head on my chest and listens to the melody of my heartbeat as we continue to sway in the flood of rhythmic waves. As the song fades, we find ourself locked in one another’s eyes and are only brought back to reality by the crowd’s applause. As we snap out of everything, I go ahead and release everyone from the formalities and the entire night is spent dancing, laughing and just enjoying this celebration.

Thats how I see things. Sadly, I have never had this happen but I will one day make my dream a reality. Exactly like it sounds, to include this song and everything. This is my dream.


2 thoughts on “Fairytale

  1. bro that sounds freaking beautiful real talk. That is the perfect dream fairy tale that can be made into reality!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it is what I see when I think of love and marriage. I hope to share this with the world. To renew hope in true love and happiness


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