No More Tears

If you have been following my blog, and my many, widespread, overly written, downright emotional experiences, you have come across the theme of sadness, heartache, and of course deceit and pain but that is not something that I will be remaining stuck in. I have figured out that the tears, and pain I feel doesn’t do anything but make my life a lot harder. I have finally found myself content with my situation and more level headed about the things that I am going through and accepting of what will happen within a few weeks when I go on leave, and go see my folks, and spend my one year anniversary with my wife. It will be strange and awkward but also I will use this to see if she truly is remorseful about everything. I shall use this to see if she truly wants to be with me, and bring up the things that I value and I have concerns for.

My mindset remains consistent. I am not going to let this break me from being the man I know I am and the man I know I can be in the future. Things have happened and from here on we both are walking on eggshells. I have already stopped doing the things I use to do; waking up in the morning and saying good morning is one, and just sending random texts turning her work day is another. I just think that those things I was doing have to be re-earned. I don’t think losing those will completely ruin things and honestly, if she focuses on that, I think she needs to seek some help because that is the least of the issues that we should be concerned with.

So all and all, I write to let you know, you the readers, that I am going to keep writing. I am going to continue to expose you all to my experiences and feelings about things I go to. I also will keep you updated on my marriage as well. Just letting you know that this will be my ongoing life journey. If that bores you then by all means, exit, stage left. But if that interest you, and you have anything you want to ask or tell me about so that we can start a dialog, by all means go ahead and leave a message or comment on whatever blog gets you inspired.

Regardless of what happens in life, you will be alright and so will I. Keep your head up and things will get better.


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