First blog: Introduction

No one needs to harp on just how crucial the introduction is but to those who will probably see an individual from anything other then what these words show on this site, it makes it that much more critical. So Who am I? Why musically branded? Why the lovely picture above of a ring and musical notes? Well, in a effort to address this, I will quickly go over who I am.

I am a man, someone’s son, and a few individuals brother. Being that, I am also a US citizen, US Soldier, a lover, a husband, and hopefully one day a father of my own. With that behind me, I am a man of music, and that arts in general. A huge fan of talented people, who can focus on things and immerse themselves in the moment of art, music, movies and whatever else they find themselves overwhelmed with.

So the reason I am Musically Branded, is because my music, mainly R&B, has grabbed me in a way that can help me express myself. On my facebook page, you can look through my post, and see my life story through what music I post and when. Some songs may seem sad but you have to be in my shoes, and listen to the meaning, not just the melody. My Soundcloud is overloaded with music that gives you a deeper insight on the type of man I am. Passionate, emotional, and devoted to the ideology of love and what it stands for. I take that, the music, and my experiences of the past to make decisions that either go two ways. That picture above is perfect because it truly reads, love, devotion, loyalty and music. Now it is up to you which one belongs to one another. Am I devoted to my marriage, or my music? It will be all explained with each post, as you get to peek into my situations, and thoughts about life in general.

You can expect me to write on love, life, experiences, and my emotions as well as things that I find fascinating or interesting like my thoughts on movies, albums, video games, and even restaurants. What you can expect not to see is a huge overload of political things and situations. I am well connected into the world events and am not using this as a medium to express my ideals or views. If that is what you are looking for, then you have come to the wrong place.

Lastly, I want to thank you for coming by and visiting my blog. I know as time goes on, things will become expressed in a way that will flow easier so bare with me. By all means, if need be, write me a message, leave a comment, and I will respond to you in a timely fashion. Enjoy yourself, and you are always welcomed here and furthermore I want to thank you ahead of time.


1 thought on “First blog: Introduction

  1. Wow, that was the most heart felt introduction I have had the pleasure of reading, you are truly a special man and your dad is proud of you….

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